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Personal Service from a Distance

What is Virtual Organizing?

I love to partner with my clients in-person to create the functional, inviting homes and offices of their dreams.  But distance, time constraints or special circumstances may prohibit this approach.  Virtual Organizing is simply an alternative way to receive my organizing services.  Instead of working alongside you, I provide assistance virtually, by phone, email, and/or Skype.  Together, we establish goals, strategies and touch-points, and then I guide you through the hands-on work.  You will achieve the desired results in a unique, cost-effective way.

Why would I choose to use Virtual Organizing?

  • You live outside my service area or are not available during normal business hours
  • You have been organized or used organizers previously, but have some catch-up to do
  • You understand the concepts of organization but need guidance and motivation
  • You like to do-it-yourself but want the support and suggestions of a professional
  • You are embarrassed by your situation and prefer to make some headway in private
  • You are overwhelmed but could do the work yourself if you knew where to start
  • You have a limited budget but realize you won’t make progress without help

How does Virtual Organizing work?

After our initial contact I will help you choose a package that fits your budget and timeframe.  Services are paid for in advance by personal check or credit card.  You will complete a needs assessment by phone or email, and send me digital photos of the area(s) you would like to organize.  I prepare a detailed, step-by-step action plan and we determine together the frequency and method of our communication.   I offer suggestions, encouragement and support throughout the process to ensure your goals are met.

How much does Virtual Organizing cost?

There are affordable package rates for my Virtual Organizing services that include the initial assessment, an action plan, and consultation sessions by phone, email or Skype.  Contact me to discuss current rates and package options.  I will be happy to answer all your questions.