Thursday Thoughts – I Love New School Supplies


I wasn’t always happy about the prospect of going back to school….new teachers, new classes, new situations, and new things to learn.  Not something I usually embraced easily.  But I was ALWAYS happy about getting new school supplies.  As far back as I can remember I was attracted to fresh and colorful pencils, markers, crayons, folders, and all the other tools for school.  Order and color were then, and remain today, a happy partnership for me.  The combination reflects my passion for organization and creativity, and never fails to make me feel good.  I still delight in soldierly straight rows of uniformly sharpened new pencils; unblemished crayons arranged neatly in rainbow color order; fresh folders just waiting to be filled; and clean sheets of paper standing ready for words or drawings.                                                     

The days of July might feel like the mere start of summer and a welcome break from the school routine, but in reality the new school year is only weeks away.  This is the perfect time to get your kids prepared.  Stores are already advertising fantastic sales on school supplies.  The shelves are well stocked and the aisles aren’t crowded.  A new backpack filled with everything on their list might create a sense of excitement for the year ahead.  Even as adults it doesn’t hurt to put a little fun into our lives.  Maybe some fresh new office supplies are just the thing to boost your spirits and entice you to do some fall planning of your own.                                              

Avoiding the stress of last minute shopping is one key to a seamless transition for you and your children.  It allows time to talk through any concerns well before the first day.  I encourage you make the back-to-school process simpler this year by getting ready NOW, while there is still room to breathe.  Celebrate the summer and prepare for fall simultaneously as a family.  You can make school supply shopping a leisurely and fun activity if you do it now.  Promise to follow the shopping spree with lunch, ice cream or a movie and everyone will be on board! folders