“Donna not only simplified my living and working space, she brought light, organization and fresh air into my world. Working alongside her experienced and thoughtful presence brought me to where I am finally able to work effectively in my office, eat at my table, and enjoy the beauty of my picture window. I couldn't do any of that with ease before. I am still amazed at how with such a modest investment I've received such great returns. I recommend her to everyone.”

K. R.

Silver Spring, MD

“Your work, the way you do it, is really quite pastoral. I feel so good after you have been here.”


Silver Spring, MD

“Before I met Donna my house and home office were a total mess. As a person who suffers from a little bit of Attention Deficit and what I call ‘Dysfunctional Disorganization Syndrome’ I really needed help, and Donna came to the rescue. There was so much clutter and disorganization in my house that I was too visually distracted to get much done. We started in one small place, she got me organized, and we moved to another small place. We made our way throughout the house and we’ve had a lot of success. One thing Donna taught me is that the more stuff you have, the more stuff you have to take care of. Being a pack rat like I am, I didn’t let her get me to throw too much away, so we did our very best to find a place for everything. It is still a work in progress but we’re moving forward and I give Donna my highest recommendation.”


Germantown, MD

“Your help was much needed and what you were able to accomplish was, first of all, amazing...the place was out of control and you put me back in control through and through! I thank you for your time and your skills!”


Germantown, MD

“My life runs so much smoother since Donna's visits to my cottage. I can find what I need with much more ease and a lot less pain. Everything now has 'its’ place'. There is now an organized flow to my work, and to my life. THANKS, Donna!”


Millwood, VA

“I desperately needed Donna to declutter and organize my home office. Whenever I tried to do it by myself, I would get distracted or frustrated too easily, and would quit after a few minutes. With my input, Donna was able to sort through all my stuff in just a few hours. She kept me focused, and she made sure I didn’t need anything that was being tossed. When she left, I had a full trash bag, a full recycling bin, a pile of papers to shred, a clean desk, and newly organized files. Plus, Donna was friendly and non-judgmental about my messiness. She was wonderful to work with, and I plan to have her help me with other areas of my home.”


Frederick, MD

"During our parents’ final years, through many health issues and personal adjustments, Donna was instrumental in finding the proper care to help keep them comfortable and ease the burden of worry on them and all of us. She kept the family informed of each phase of change while handling the enormous load of paper work required organizing the estate, up to and including their hospitalization, memorial services, the closing of their apartment, and management of the family finances. We are most appreciative of Donna's kind attention to the many details that made the transition, under naturally stressful circumstances, as graceful and relatively painless as we could have possibly hoped for."


Kensington, MD

"I have had the pleasure of working with Donna for nearly 20 years. Over this time she has proven herself to be a highly capable and organized manager of people and assets. With a vast level of experience in fund management and budgeting, she has displayed outstanding abilities in forecasting income, expenditures and future variables. A true ‘people’ person, she always takes the needs of others to heart. Her organizational abilities are exceptional and she insures all tasks are completed as promised. Her discretion is unmatched and I highly recommend her services."


Germantown, MD

"I've known Donna my entire life. She has a long history in bookkeeping and accounting positions, and is very passionate about helping others. When Donna's parents were in a serious car accident, she took over all of their affairs in addition to her full time job and commitments to family, church, and school. Donna is truly committed to working with and assisting others."


Silver Spring, MD

"Donna has excellent interpersonal skills. She is caring and compassionate as well as very genuine. She has a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life and create sustainable relationships. Donna has a keen attention to detail, is well organized, very patient, kind and reliable. I would highly recommend her ability to serve you."


Herndon, VA