Successful Resolutions – Part I

Red Carnations in the KitchenWas ‘Getting Organized’ your New Year’s Resolution for 2012? If so, I applaud you for wanting to get your home, office, or life in better order. Being organized can bring you peace of mind, time to spend on something you enjoy, a feeling of lightness, and many other positive things that make it well worth the effort. Being disorganized can be overwhelming, and the decision to ‘get organized’ can create additional anxiety if you don’t know where to start or what steps you intend to take. You need to SIMPLIFY the process by breaking it into manageable pieces.

If your goal is to organize your whole house this year, divide that objective into smaller projects and assign a timeframe to each. Work through one room or area at a time. Perhaps you want to start by getting your kitchen in order. Set a date range to accomplish this component of the larger project, such as the first two weeks in February. Spread the work into multiple days over the assigned period of time, remembering that some tasks are more time intensive than others. List a series of small steps you can take to organize the kitchen:

  1. gather things I don’t use/need/like for donation
  2. move rarely used items to less accessible storage
  3. sort and organize pantry
  4. clean out and organize ‘junk’ drawer
  5. sort and organize storage containers and lids; purge ones that are worn, torn or missing lids
  6. empty, clean and rearrange contents of refrigerator and freezer….etc.

Repeat this process for each area you plan to organize. Feel good about the progress you are making each day and let it motivate you to continue on your quest. Treat yourself to small rewards for work well done (purchase a great serving piece after you have finished the kitchen and dining areas, a beautiful storage basket when you complete the family room, etc.). Invite someone over to share your accomplishments. Getting organized is contagious. The more you do, the more you WANT to do. So enjoy the process!

What are YOUR resolutions for 2012? For success, remember to SIMPLIFY them with small, defined steps!