Students and Teachers


Being a successful student or teacher is easier in spaces that encourage
focus and learning. Creativity is sparked by availability of tools and
materials.  Simpler Life Solutions has answers.

  • Provide students with dedicated work/study areas and organized supplies
  • Find creative solutions for desk and locker storage
  • Design fun, organized college dorm rooms or apartments
  • Establish time and work management strategies for students
  • Assist teachers with design of student project centers
  • Create organized, accessible classroom storage closets and cabinets

Babies and Children

They are small but generate plenty of stuff, including equipment, toys,
outgrown clothing, art, and school papers. If your home is bursting
at the seams, let Simpler Life Solutions step in.

  • Reduce and contain existing clutter and manage the daily disorder
  • Design storage solutions that make clean-up fun and easy for children
  • Reconfigure living spaces to accommodate your expanding family
  • Create art displays for easy viewing and rotation
  • Establish systems for saving childhood memorabilia
  • Provide information on kid-friendly organizing products

Seniors and Special Needs

Teapot and a cup of green tea.Very challow depth of field to givFor those with challenges of age, body, mind or health, organizing can
be particularly difficult.  Simpler Life Solutions provides compassionate
solutions for your individual situation.

  • Rearrange home layouts to improve functionality, flow and access
  • Help seniors adjust to living in smaller quarters
  • Create calm, orderly spaces for living and working
  • Establish storage and organization to fit your specific needs
  • Suggest furniture, products and tools for ease and efficiency
  • Find solutions to challenges faced by parents of special needs children
  • Provide ongoing organizing assistance and maintenance

Downsizing, Home Sale Preparation and Moving

Housing transitions are often stressful and emotional.  Don’t try to take
it all with you.  Simpler Life Solutions offers guidance and support to
bring ease to the process.

  • Plan a strategy for moving, downsizing or simplifying
  • Assist with purging and consolidation of possessions
  • Find options for items being eliminated (sell, donate, recycle)
  • Planning and organization of yard or estate sales
  • Create a market-ready home (declutter, purge, organize and stage)
  • Provide support and organization of the actual move
  • Space planning and set-up assistance in your new location

Contact us today to find solutions to all of your organizing needs.