Peace and Joy

We often hear the phrase, “Be present in the moment”, or similar reminders to slow down our pace, stop worrying, and see the beauty around us.  The holiday season is a perfect time to take those words to heart and begin a practice of awareness and appreciation.  By learning to let go of the past and stop agonizing over the future, we can fully enjoy and embrace this moment, this day, and our present life.  It helps us reduce stress and negativity, allowing instead the creation of memories that abound in happiness.

The practice of living in the moment may seem difficult to attain, so like all challenging changes, is best started in small steps.  You can begin now by closing your eyes and breathing deeply…. inhale thoughts of joy and abundance…. exhale feelings of hurt, resentment, and fear.  Breathe this way until you feel calm and centered.

During the course of your day, be appreciative of what fills you with gratitude and wonder.  Take moments to pause and enjoy things that bring you excitement and inspiration.  Realize the senselessness of dwelling on what you cannot control.  Instead, put your focus on areas where you can bring change.

The holiday weeks offer countless opportunities to use our senses to be in the moment.  Savor the heavenly aromas of the season…. pine, cinnamon, baked goods.  Listen to the joyful sounds…. seasonal music, children’s laughter, ringing bells.  Take in the visual delights…. twinkling lights, snowflakes, vibrant colors.  Relish the taste of winter bounty…. warm breads, sweet treats, comforting soups.  Reach out and touch….the shoulder of a friend, the arm of a stranger, the face of a loved one.

Eliminate tedious holiday tasks that bring dread so you can take pleasure in the ones you love.  Don’t try to do it all.  You are your own worst critic; no one else is judging you on how much you accomplish.  Set yourself free this season and let it truly be a season of peace and joy.

Happy holidays to all, from Donna Dettling and Simpler Life Solutions.