Organizing for Seniors

Statistics show that by 2020 the population of people age 85 and over is expected to increase 44% over the levels in 2000, and that by 2029, all the baby boomers will be 65 and over.

Whether seniors plan to age in place in their current home, downsize to a new living situation, or have already transitioned to smaller quarters, it is important to address the varied and changing needs they face.  If you or your loved ones are in these circumstances, it is wise to be proactive in making sure living quarters are safe, easy to navigate, uncluttered, and organized.  If a change in living arrangements is being considered, planning should include decisions on reducing possessions, furniture layout, and move preparations.

This can be a challenging time, filled with emotion and uncertainty.  Often seniors do not have the support of family nearby, and have limited energy or ability to handle many of the required tasks.  They may downplay or fail to recognize potential issues, or not even communicate situations of concern.

Simpler Life Solutions, a professional organizer provides many types of organizing and transition services for seniors and anyone whose health or lifestyle has been compromised.  We treat each client with compassion and care, and understand the emotional nature of the work.  We focus on the special circumstances that make each situation unique, and provide calming support and motivation.

These are some of the many ways we can help:Organizer for Seniors

  • Make sure rooms are arranged for maximum safety, comfort, and functionality
  • Declutter and organize to reduce risk of injury and provide simplicity and ease
  • Label storage areas to help daily functioning
  • Assist with the process of paring down and distributing possessions
  • Help with the planning and execution of a move, and with set-up in the new location
  • Make sure vital documents, information and instructions are together and in order
  • Act as a liaison between the client and their family as we work through the processes
  • Find ways to display or catalog memorabilia and collections

If you need assistance to improve the life of a senior please contact us today.  Don’t waste a precious moment, when peace of mind is just a phone call away.