Organizing Challenge

Are you determined to get better organized this year?  Don’t wait until you have ‘time’ to spend on what is likely an overwhelming project.  Start building better habits TODAY that will become the foundation for success going forward.  Try these three easy new routines.                                               

  • Start a DONATION box somewhere in your house or garage.  Each time you come across an item of clothing that no longer fits or you never wear, put it right in the box.  Do the same with other things around the house you don’t care about, never use, or have replaced.  When the box is full, drop it off or call for a pick-up by an organization accepting household donations.
  • For every new item you bring into the house, let go of something of comparable size.  Think of the holiday gifts you received, and what you bought at post-holiday sales.   For each item that came in, something needs to go out.  If you don’t do this, your home gradually fills with things just taking up space and creating weight to carry around, clean around and keep organized.
  • Each evening, walk through the house with a laundry basket, collecting things left where they don’t belong.  Return them to the proper place.  In the morning you will wake up to less chaos, be able to locate what you need, and find it easier to leave the house on time.  For better accountability, get each person in the family to do this with their own belongings.

If you can successfully incorporate these behaviors into your lifestyle, it will create a frame of mind more conducive to tackling the bigger organizing projects.  I challenge you to try it and let me know how it goes!