Fun with Organizing

There are people who like things neat and organized, and then there is Ursus Wehrli, the Swiss author of the “Tidying Up Art” books as well the current release, “The Art of Clean Up”, who takes tidiness to a whole different level.  In his rather obsessive-compulsive (but often hilarious) view of the world, everything from mundane objects, to paintings from the masters, to random scenes from daily life, takes on a new ultra-organized appearance.  Fortunately, we do not need to achieve these extremes when attempting to clear the clutter and disarray from our own lives!  But what a joy to see that humor is everywhere, even in the midst of our struggle to stay organized.
 Art-Of-Clean-Up-5 Art-Of-Clean-Up-6
Watch as Wehrli sets up and then deconstructs the scenes above in this video:
Here is another amusing look at his unique vision:
And this is a presentation he gave for, explaining his work in his own comical style (lengthy but fun to watch):
Take some time to laugh along with Wehrli, and perhaps begin to see the fun side of finding order in YOUR little piece of the world!