Finding Inspiration

Perhaps your whole house looks like a hurricane blew through, leaving things displaced, disorganized, and disastrous.   You feel like you are constantly moving piles or searching through the rubble.  Or maybe what aggravates you is a specific area….your drawer of tangled jewelry, or the pantry where everything is shoved randomly on the shelves.  Whether the organizing project you face is small or all-encompassing, you could probably use a little inspiration to get you moving in the right direction. 
Take a look at this cool website where people pin pictures of their favorite things.  Try searching for ‘organized rooms’, ‘organizing products’, ‘organize jewelry’, or whatever keywords might best identify the project you want to tackle.  Pages will pop up filled with interesting, colorful and fun ideas on the subject.  You might find exactly the look, suggestion or product that you had in mind.  It’s a great way to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and to create a sense of excitement for getting started!

Have fun with it!